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J. Marshall Craig is best known for his critically acclaimed work as author of Eric Burdon's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood and Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell's Between Rock and a Home PlaceHis novel Eh Mail and World War I historical non-fiction book You're Lucky If You're Killed were also critical successes. 


Craig's work also appears in various literary collections with Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac and others (The Outlaw Bible of American Literature); Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger, Che Guevara and others (She's A Bad Motorcycle) and former CNN talk show host Larry King (Remember Me When I'm Gone). Other books include Guilty By Association, a biography of hip-hop producer Damion "Damizza" Young and West Coast rap; the environmental study Growing A Better America: Smart, Strong and Sustainable with Chuck Leavell; and the memoirs of controversial former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, Rocker: Scars & Strikes.


In 2020, his personal medical account Bleed was published, followed by Instaku Haijynx, his book of haiku paired with photographs by his wife, New England photographer Kris Hughes-Craig.


He is a producer and second unit director of (and makes an appearance in) Remembering Nigel, starring Martin Landau, Sally Kirkland, Michael J. Pollard, Mark Rydell and others, released in May of 2021. Craig is also prominently featured in the documentary The Nigel Diaries: The Making of Remembering Nigel, which won Best Documentary at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. 


His first published work, a narrative cookbook called Playing With My Food, is said to have amused several people.


In the Press

Similar in style to Eric's first autobiography.  This one has the advantages of coauthor J. Marshall Craig and a little better organization. Like the earlier book, this is basically a collection of anecdotes - a must read for any fan. Burdon ... adds a dose of self-deprecation to (the book), saving his memoir from becoming celebrity fluff.

(Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. Eric Burdon with J. Marshall Craig)

Margaret Hundley Parker

Not many rock 'n' roll stars can recount anecdotes that so dramatically reflect the urgent role their music has filled. (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. Eric Burdon with J. Marshall Craig)

Paula Friedman


Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood is "a perhaps surprisingly literate chronicle that may rekindle interest in one of the seminal blue-eyed soulsters, rock and roll division.

Mike Tribbly


There are aren't many books written by big heavy metal drummers, but this book by J. Marshall Craig book gives you an insight in the world of professional drumming and an even more truthful insight in the workings of one of the world's biggest metal bands. A great read about a true Megalife — Nick Menza.

(MEGALIFE: The Autobiography of Nick Menza By J. Marshall Craig)


Such an inspirational story about a young kid with a dream and how he changed the face of music

(Guity By Association: The Life And Times of A Hip-Hop Godfather Damion "Damizza" Young and J. Marshall Craig)


Just as the term outlaw bible sets off a pleasurably oxymoronic frisson, so, too, does this collection's heady and revealing mix of literary excellence, political conviction, grittiness, and sexy highjinks. Short takes, enticing categories, outspoken voices, and surprising juxtapositions make for a lively and illuminating sampling, a real reading party. Donna Seaman

(Outlaw Bible of American Literature 

J. Marshall Craig, contributor)

Donna Seaman


Contains some very fine writing ... the biker lifestyle is revealed in all its blood-stained debauchery ... deserves praise.

(She's A Bad Motorcycle J. Marshall Craig, contributor)

Brian Catterson


"f you care about this music and the life of a working musician on the road, [this] book is a fascinating account.

(Between Rock and A Home Place Chuck Leavell with J. Marshall Craig)

William McKeen

It turns out that Mr. Leavell is not only a gifted musician, but a lucid writer as well. His message is direct and without highbrow posturing. He's done his homework and references ample research and expert opinion. He is in my opinion, also extremely knowledgeable in his own right. Highly recommended for those interested in a smarter and sustainable direction for our country.

(Growing A Better America: Smart, Strong and Sustainable Chuck Leavell with J. Marshall Craig)


J Marshall Craig takes us back almost a century in time for this book. While the events are distinctly a piece of Canadian history, they should be of interest to all in the context of the world stage at that time. Exhaustively researched. Exquisitely written. A very worthwhile read.

(You're Lucky If You're Killed By J. Marshall Craig)


J. Marshall Craig's charming book, Eh Mail, is a fast, funny and vividly voyeuristic read consisting entirely of e-mail correspondence between an American intelligence agent stationed in Canada, his wife and sister in his hometown of Boston and his CIA supervisor in Washington, DC. Predictably, the laugh riot correspondence chronicles, with both astonishment, contempt and a nano-drop of grudging admiration, the Canadian way of life.

(Eh Mail, by J. Marshall Craig)

Jennifer Barton


This book really give a lot of insight and showed a lot of John Rocker's life and opinions. really explains how his "controversial" comments were taken out of context. Many good stories about the Atlanta Braves and Rocker himself.One of the better, and more candid, sports autobiographies out there. A must read even if you are not a baseball fan.

(Rocker: Scars & Strikes John Rocker and J. Marshall Craig)


Rock legends trade their electric guitars for pen and paper in this story collection assembled by musician, deejay and novelist Greg Kihn (Horror Show). There are riffs to satisfy a wide array of literary tastes in this groovy, idiosyncratic anthology. 

(Carved In Rock J. Marshall Craig, contributor)


Leave it to King to take a decidedly morbid subject and turn it into something enjoyable. A slight, eclectic book offering dashes of charm and more than a smidgen of self-congratulation, this volume will probably do best when displayed next to cash register with other impulse items. 

(Remember Me When I'm Gone: The Rich and Famous Write Their Own Epitaphs and Obituaries 

J. Marshall Craig, contributor)





Photo © Kris Hughes-Craig

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